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  • Particulars to be noted : Please note carefully your roll number, date, time and venue for the examination, given in the Admission Certificate. Seating plan will be displayed at the Venue according to ticket numbers.

  • Punctuality in attendance: You should be present in the examination hall at least half-an-hour before the commencement of the exam and you will not be allowed to leave the examination hall until the exam is over. Candidates arriving late will not be permitted to enter the Examination Hall.

  • Scanned-Photo bearing attendance sheet to be surrendered: Please bring the Admission Certificate with you when you come to the venue for the examination, failing which you will not be permitted to appear for the examination. You will be required to sign in the space provided for candidate's signature on your attendance sheet in the presence of the invigilator in the Examination Hall.

  • Compliance with instructions: You should scrupulously follow the instructions given by supervisor and the invigilator at all the stages of the examination for which you have been called. If you violate any instructions, your candidature may be cancelled.

  • Use of Books, Notes or Copying or Receiving/Giving Assistance would be considered as cheating: No calculator, separate or with watch, books, slide rules, foot rules, notebooks, pagers, mobile phones or written notes will be allowed inside the examination hall. Any candidate who is found either coping or receiving or giving assistance will be disqualified.

  • Handling the Answer sheet: Please handle your answer sheet with extreme care and keep it dust free. If it is mutilated, torn, folded, wrinkled or rolled, it may not be read by the machine in case of Preliminary Examinations. Answer sheets and question papers will be supplied in the examination hall. After the test is over, you should hand over the answer sheet to the invigilator before leaving the room. Any candidate who does not return the answer sheet or is found to take or pass on the question booklet answer sheet inside or outside the examination hall will be disqualified and the commission may take further action against him as per rules. After the examination is over the candidates will be allowed to take away the question booklet.

  • Write your Ticket No. on the Test Booklet: You should write your ticket no. in the space provided on the cover of the test booklet.

  • Information on the Answer sheet: You should write all the information required on the answer sheet such as roll no. Ticket no, Name, Test Form no. etc.

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